The Earth provides us with such beauty, so we best take care of it.  Fab Flora is mindful of being kind to the earth in all aspects of our business. We are a proud member of the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance, an organization comprised of approved eco-friendly wedding vendors. 

How we are Eco-Friendly:

  • We use local flowers during the Midwest growing season to support local farms and reduce shipping energy
  • We own a fuel efficient delivery vehicle
  • We use Earth friendly cleaning supplies to tidy our studio and flower buckets
  • We compost all of our scraps!
  • We sign all contracts electronically, zero waste
  • We love renting out our own collection of vases or using vintage rental companies


How to be an Eco-Friendly Client:

  • Use vases you already own or rent vases.   
  • Request flowers that are in season or plan your event date around the flowers you want
  • Choose arrangements that don't require floral foam (it's very toxic to the environment) 
  • Be flexible with types of flower and specific colors so that locally sourced flowers can be used
  • If local is not an option (like in the winter), then ask for Sustainable, Fairtrade or Organic flowers
  • Ask us to donate your flowers to Random Acts of Flowers.  They repurpose your flowers and deliver them to patients in nursing homes and hospitals. 
  • Donate your vases and wedding decor items to the Great Wedding Recyclery!