The finished product! Shannon and Michael's Wedding

The pictures are finally here!  If you are an avid Fab Flora blog reader, then you will know this is the wedding from "Behind the Scenes".   I loved perusing the photos from ThinkLeigh Photography for two reasons: 1) because the photos were so artfully captured, and 2) because Shannon and Michael are so theatrical and made the most hysterical faces in so many of the photos.  

Shannon is Irish (if you couldn't tell) and wanted to have an Irish garden feel to her ceremony flowers as well as 'green, mossy, fuzzy things' throughout.  Green Dianthus did the trick! (AKA  "Tric", which is a great pun for you flower people out there, hehe).  We also used tons of green cymbidium orchids, purple vanda orchids, hydrangeas, roses and lisianthus. 

The tall centerpieces were made with sand blasted manzanita branches with glued cymbidium orchids and hanging votive candles.  When the lights were turned low, the candles let out this amazing glow that transformed the room into a magical place. 

I am so grateful to Shannon and Michael for hiring Fab Flora to design their wedding flowers.  Not only are they a super cool couple that were wonderfully easy to work with, but they are my lovely friends. 


Other fine contributors to this wedding production:

Venue: Chicago Illuminating Company

Caterer: Food for Thought

Event Planner: Estera Events