6 Steps to Eco-Friendly Event Floral

If you’re like most of our clients, you want to do your best to care for the planet while you’re planning your wedding. Since this is likely your first time ordering flowers for a large event, here are a few tips for making eco-friendly choices as you plan and shop.

1. Buy used or rent vases

Florists always have vases to rent and this is probably your best option. There are also a number of places where you can buy gently used wedding decor. We recommend checking out The Great Wedding Recyclery that is put on every year by Chicago’s Green Wedding Alliance.

2. Request flowers that are in season or plan your event date around the flowers you want

If you’re a peony person, then plan your wedding in May or June. If you love dahlias then have a August-October wedding. Don’t know which flowers are in season? We happen to know a florist who can help you with that! (wink wink) During your design consultation, we can walk you through your seasonal flower options.

3. Choose arrangements that don't require floral foam

Floral foam (also called Oasis) is toxic for people and the environment. We use as little foam as possible and will happily show you options for beautiful designs that can be made without floral foam. You can also browse our gallery to get inspiration. (Usually tall centerpieces that look like big balls of flowers on top have flower foam.)

4. Be flexible with types of flower and colors so that locally sourced flowers can be used

Flower season in the Midwest is glorious and abundant but lasts only from May through October. Though we’re not as famous as the tulip fields of Holland, choices for local flowers are plentiful. Just check out one of our favorite local flower farms, Brightflower Farms, for proof!

5. Ask us to donate your flowers to Random Acts of Flowers. They will repurpose your flowers and deliver them to patients in nursing homes and hospitals. 

6. And finally, donate or sell your vases and wedding decor items to the Great Wedding Recyclery! If you got items from the Recyclery and donate them back, your wedding will come full circle- just like a cycle in nature. Doesn’t get more eco-friendly than that!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about our eco-friendly floral design, and let us know how we can help with your next event