The Ombre Effect

When I first heard the term "ombre" I thought someone was talking about an hombre (guy in Spanish).  Not the case! hah.  This is actually a French word that means shadow or shade.  It is often used in design to describe when a color gradually fades into a light or darker shade.  Ombre has been all the rage in home decor, clothing, hair styling and now floral design!  

We did a wedding last September for a very sweet couple, Margita and John, that exemplified this style perfectly!  They were married at the beautiful Cantigny Park, in Wheaton, IL.  Their photographer, This Is Feeling,  did an amazing job capturing the day!  Seriously some of the most soulful and artistic wedding pictures I've seen.  

See below for a few images that capture  the ombre effect..... and a few shots I took in the studio.  Photo Credits:,,