Flower Class!

Well, my first series of flower design classes came to a close last Friday.    Teaching flower design has been such a fun and rewarding experience!  So many great women (and one man) came out for a night of design and wine and left with a new found confidence in themselves. 

The workshops were geared towards absolute beginners.  We started the night off with discussing tips on flower care (so they don't die as soon as you get them home!).  Next we discussed design principles such as color theory, proportion and shape.  Then we got our hands dirty and started greening in our vases- as my students now know, the foundation of the arrangement.  Then I demonstrated which flowers go in first with a fun little mnemonic device to remember "liner, mass, filler" (Light My Fire or Lick My Face). 

Everyone learned how to arrange a classic tall vase of flowers and then disassembled them to make a contemporary cube arrangement to take home.  I also taught some cool tricks like how to wrap a ti leaf inside the vase and how to make architectural accents with loops and arches made of bear grass and curly willow.  

I am so grateful to all of my students who came out to try something new!  Stay tuned for a new series of classes in the Fall (after wedding season is over!). 

These beautiful photographs were taken by Karina Metts of Metts Photo, who also happened to be one of my students.  Check out more of her work here: http://mettsphoto.com/

Also, I want to thank Lindsey Meyers of Beauty and Brawn Gallery for renting me the perfect space to host the workshops!