No-Kill Wedding

When I sat down with Phyllis and Belinda to discuss their wedding flowers, they told me they didn't want any flowers at all.  I was like, "you do know I'm a florist, right?"  But I quickly learned their 'no kill' philosophy (based in Buddhism) and adapted.  They wanted their wedding to celebrate life and not hurt anything in the making of it.  We decided on living plants, particularly succulents, because they embody a lotus like shape which is considered a sacred flower in Buddhism.  The lotus is a symbol of purity and resurrection because it rises from unclean water to blossom as a pure flower.  It can also signify spiritual development and creation.  The cacti were just cute and fuzzy and also a nice companion for the succulents.

I wrote out little care instruction cards so that each of their guests would all be able to take the centerpieces home and continue to care for their living gifts.  

The ceremony pieces were made of layered rocks and moss inside clear cylinders.  Each cylinder was then filled with tall and dramatic curly willow branches which perfectly framed Phyllis and Belinda standing side by side. 

I am so grateful that I was able to work with such a soulful couple.  I wish them many blissful years together! 

Below are the other contributors to this special day....

Lighting and Drapery by Art of Imagination

Photography by Liesl Diesel Photography

Event Planning by Naturally Yours

Event took place at Centered Chef